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Safe & sustainable starts with knowing your supply chain

Meet ESG goals with one platform to get supply chain data and streamline compliance and sustainability reporting.

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Forever chemicals. Climate change. Water scarcity.
Companies are navigating new challenges.
Regulatory complexity is increasing.
Supply chain visibility is critical to global operations.
Customers want safe & sustainable products.
Innovation requires accurate materials data.
How 3E Exchange Works
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Access supplier data with Product & Material Passports

Replace spreadsheets & never-ending surveys by exchanging material passports with your suppliers. Keep your data up to date with automated supplier outreach.

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Save time evaluating compliance, sustainability, circularity, & FMD

Get ahead of problems for you & your suppliers with automated analytics. Bring your data together in one place to drive your ESG goals.

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Delight your customers with timely customized responses

Streamline & organize your workflows for responding to customer requests. Gather requests & share results with your customers to drive business goals.

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Simplified Supply Chain Management

Compliance today. Sustainability tomorrow. Circularity forever.


Be prepared for unpredictable evolving global regulations


Improve product transparency with full material disclosure


Manage your circular products for end of life & takeback

Scalable for everyone, everywhere

Create Value Fast

Get up & running without costly implementation. 3E Exchange is designed to be easy to get started with and scale with your needs.

Secure by Design

Confidently control your material data while simultaneously protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets.

Choose the Right Plan

Our pricing plans are designed for any business and use case. Easily scale to fit your unique needs.

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"RB's partnership with 3E Exchange enables us to deliver new insights to product developers and easily integrates our Sustainable Innovations tools"
-Jennifer Duran, Global Product Director